Go away, Blank Page.

Make the blank page stop.

Oh. Well, I guess that was simpler than I thought. Welcome to my new blog space. “New” might be a stretch considering that I started this account in 2010, but better late than never, right? Let’s just say I forgot my password over the past couple of years. Sounds like a viable excuse.

Regardless, it’s nice to sit down and flex my writing muscles. I had pretty strong writing muscles once upon a time, but that was because they were forced to lift on a daily basis. The whole “screenwriting major” thing that included a concept that is foreign to me now called “deadlines”. Whether I felt that I had something worthwhile to write about or not, back then it didn’t matter. Come Friday, I was going to have 30 pages of nonsense written about randomness whether I liked it or not because I was just a good student like that. Now, and in most of the 5 years since I’ve graduated, the problem is that I have been able to come up with hundreds of reasons not to write.

“I’m too busy.”

“I don’t have any good ideas.”

“Nothing is inspiring.”

“But, there’s a Ghost Adventures marathon on.” (I love me some Ghost Adventures.)

All still feel very much rooted in truth. Despite that, I might actually enjoy this. I can tell you of one awesome thing that I just re-discovered about myself: I still type fast. Ha! Success.

And with that…

Suck it, Blank Page. At least for today. Because I have a feeling you’re gonna show up again tomorrow. Jerk.

2 responses to “Go away, Blank Page.”

  1. I wouldn’t write anything on Fridays then…there always is a Ghost Adventure marathon on Fridays… 🙂

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