Need fun-time music? Wallpaper.

Need fun-time music? Wallpaper.

Every now and again, I get overwhelmed with the level of fun and amazing music that’s out there. I ask myself, “Courtney, how will you ever find time to listen to it all?” The answer is that I probably won’t get around to it. Sometimes, I will have to go to work and make money. Sometimes, I’ll have to sleep. Most of the time, my shih tzu will need tummy rubbing. (Priority goes to puppy time.)

One of my favorite artists for fun-time listening is Wallpaper. I discovered Wallpaper for the first time on a random morning at 6am-ish. A disgusting hour to be awake for no reason, but on this particular day it actually managed to serve a purpose. MTV was playing music videos (shocking, I know) and the video for “F**king Best Song Everrr” came on. The song was way different than any of the three songs that I’d been hearing on the radio back then and I knew immediately that it belonged on my “Party Times” iTunes playlist. Out comes the iPhone. Six am Shazam-ing was afoot.

“Wallpaper”, Shazam says to me. Who is this Wallpaper? Bam. iTunes Store is now open. Artist from Oakland, CA. Previews are being listened to. So many good jams are discovered.


The magic of Wallpaper’s music to me is that it’s perfect for parties, perfect for kickbacks, perfect for telling a bad day to “suck it”, and perfect for shamelessly dancing it out in your car (as I have been known to do). Fun lyrics that tell the story of an awesome night on top of impressive production.

The new album that just came out, “Ricky Reed is Real”…refreshing. Awesome. My favorite songs at the moment, “RRiR”, “Geek Out”, “Hesher”, and  “Let’s Get Away With It” are playing non-stop in my Civic. I can’t stop, won’t stop.

Must let the jams happen.

Hopefully, I’ve introduced you to a new artist that’ll brighten up your iTunes and your day. I encourage you to sample a little of each of the albums and find the songs that make you want to dance it out. Please crank the bass up because…well, you should ALWAYS crank the bass up. Obviously.

Also, enjoy these videos I have so graciously embedded into my blogging space.

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