Isn’t this topic just exactly what you want to hear about before you go to sleep? I found it unavoidable the other night. I was flicking through the channels and came upon a show called “Joe Rogan Questions Everything”. You remember Joe Rogan. The host of “Fear Factor” and probably other random shows that don’t […]

Shuffling through my iTunes got me on such an early 90’s kick. I’m talking about that 1990-1995 time period. The part of the 90’s that was still hanging on to the 80’s for dear life. The time of the 3 F’s. Fresh Prince, Family Matters, and Full House. The time of huge jackets and tiny […]

Sometimes, weird things show up in the midst of your nice, normal day. These weird things make life worth living…and allow you to have something to put on your Instagram besides selfies and your dinner. Without further ado: Here are 10 funny/weird things that I have seen. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ These hand sanitization products that speak truth. […]

I tend to work random hours. At the moment, my job includes split shifts and working until 10:30pm around six days a week. Apparently, this is late for me now as I near the age of 27. Look out early bird specials, here I come. Due to this drop in youthful energy, I need the […]