10 Funny/Weird Things That I’ve Seen

10 Funny/Weird Things That I’ve Seen

Sometimes, weird things show up in the midst of your nice, normal day. These weird things make life worth living…and allow you to have something to put on your Instagram besides selfies and your dinner.

Without further ado: Here are 10 funny/weird things that I have seen.


These hand sanitization products that speak truth. This is probably more in the ‘awesome-buy these now’ category.


This confusing public restroom. Does a man go in? A woman? Both at once? Please, be more clear with your signage.

Women's/Men's Restroom

This incredibly stylish man. Is this the hot, new look from Germany? Are we looking at the future of fashion? Maybe you and I just aren’t ‘hip’, as the kids say…

Suspender Man

This woman in the Best Buy parking lot with a Corona tattoo on her back. Corona should be paying her for the free advertising.

Lady of Corona

This giant matchstick. Maybe it could create giant fires.

Giant Matchstick

This Shake Weight holding up someone’s window. I don’t think that’s how you use it. But, this option is way more PG.

Shake Weight

This woman who fears sun and does not feel temperature. It was 85 degrees on this day. She laughed in the face of heat stroke.

She feels no heat.

This questionable tribute to America. The odds of seeing this in San Diego were slim, but I somehow achieved it.  Classic, North Carolina.


This unfortunate placement of lettering on a lanyard. Do you have to pay extra to be an ‘Ass Member’?

Ass Member.

This food truck named “The Gooch”…

Why is this happening?? No. I do not want food from you, Gooch.

The Gooch.

BONUS IMAGE: Double rainbow sighting! The universe felt bad about allowing me to see ‘The Gooch’, so it sent me this!

Double Rainbow.

Remember to always look out for the weirdness in life, friends. 

But, stay away from The Gooch.

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