The Classiest and Trashiest Moments of the VMA’s

The Classiest and Trashiest Moments of the VMA’s

We wait all year for the MTV Video Music Awards just to see what kind of ridiculous nonsense will happen in front of the world. Someone will have an amazing performance and someone will tragically embarrass themselves. It’s the cycle of life and we’ve all come to expect these things. Let’s all just sit back and process what we just saw.

‘NSYNC being amazing, as always.

First and foremost, the classiest moments of the night were the reunion of ‘NSYNC and Justin Timberlake’s acceptance of his Video Vanguard award. The wave of nostalgia that flooded over myself and so many other children of the 90’s was overwhelming. Even the audience in the arena flipped out at the magic of seeing those five legendary boy-band men standing together onstage. My only complaint? I wanted more. What an amazing complaint to have. JC was out there being the pro I knew he would be and the other guys rocked it, too. Still loved them. I’m hoping that this performance ups the value of my extensive memorabilia collection.  I’d say all the guys looked pretty darn good after all this time, too. Well done, ‘NSYNC, and well done to Justin also for giving the guys their due in his acceptance speech.

Kevin Hart, on the other hand, has now decided to be on my bad side after he made  fun of them during their performance, calling them fat and out of shape. I don’t appreciate that, Kevin. I thought we were friends. P.S. You lost the audience after that, in case you didn’t notice.

Another awesome moment? DAFT PUNK WAS THERE. How genius are these guys that simply them being THERE at an event is enough to get me pumped up? They were on the stage, they stood there in intensely glittery jackets, and I soaked in every second of it. My only confusion? Why did they not perform or win anything? To me, “Get Lucky” should have been the Song of the Summer. I’m also pretty sure there was a whole issue where they cancelled a performance on The Colbert Report (with barely any notice) so that they could perform on the VMA’s. Then it didn’t happen.

Daft Punk: why must you toy with my emotions?

Sparkle, baby.
Sparkle, baby.

Macklemore, I’m glad you won things because you’re actually talented. Drake, your performance was nothing special. Bruno Mars, you win the award for Most Lasers Used in a Performance. Lady Gaga, I expected you to be just about that weird. I don’t mind the new song, though. That will definitely be my jam in the car and/or club.

One Direction? No.

I think we know what the trashiest moment was. Miley Cyrus’ performance was a hot mess if I ever did see one. Personally, I don’t find that fun to watch. I’m kind of embarrassed for the human species. Essentially, she was that drunk girl at the club that’s trying way too hard to get attention. I really hope she wasn’t trying to be sexy, because I should never confuse ‘sexy’ with ‘disgusting’.

Sigh. Robin Thicke. Usually, I’m a huge fan of this man. I was not a huge fan of him being apart of that whole half-assed-twerking debacle but, hey, nobody asked me whether he should have come onstage dressed like Beetlejuice, either.

Either way, the VMA’s provided everyone what they were looking for most. A nice dose of shock value. I tell ya, our society is a piece of work.

Foam finger between the legs…really?

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    La canción Aplause de Lady Gaga no es una de las mejores de su repertorio, pero ella demostró estar a la altura de las presentaciones VMA’s épicas que se extrañaba. Lo peor de la ceremonia fue definitivamente Miley Cirus con ese estilo lolicon que resultaba chocante. Lamentable!

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