#TBT: Remember Where You Came From

#TBT: Remember Where You Came From

Throwback Thursday. So many of us take part in this popular hashtag so we can post memories of ourselves from the past and reminisce on the good times. I, for one, love it.

Yesterday, Facebook reminded me that I graduated from college 8 years ago. Mind blown. Today, I’m randomly going through some old pics that are from back in the day on my Myspace (Good God) and find just a GEM of a pic.

Ya’ll…real quick…let’s take a second to recognize what kinds of things can happen when you start sorting through old pics on your MacBook. You’re gonna reminisce…and reminisce hard.

It’s easy to forget the phases that we went through and what we were like when we were a few years younger. This pic brought back some good times, some times where life lessons were learned, and just plain reminded me of what my mindset was back then. Answer: DIFFERENT.

Let’s set the scene: A decade ago. I’m 19 years old. Working a fun job where the co-workers and I party every other day. If we’re not partying, we’re grabbing Mexican food at 2am, heading out to the cliffs at the beach in the late hours to check out the stars, or just generally being awake until the late hours playing music loud and probably making the neighbors hate this group of obnoxious kids. It’s the summer I’m newly living outside my parent’s house for the summer. ‘The Lonely Island’ is the new hotness on SNL. Put that together and you get:


Check this girl out. Ha!

Let’s analyze:

  1. I’m dancing on a table. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it was to a Missy Elliott song. Probably ‘4 My People’. Not that I remember.
  2. A ‘Dick in a Box’ shirt. Just in case you forgot the steps, check the chest. Not gonna lie, wish I still had that shirt.
  3. Motorola KRZR cell phone. Flipped open like I might need to send a super important SMS text at any moment.
  4. Dollar bills in the polka dot undies. Let’s not get crazy, this is as undressed as I got…but still. Hilarious.

I had a great time during this time of my life. A completely different kind of great time than I would have in my life now. Now, there’d be an iPhone in my hand.

Kidding. But, still…

I look back at this girl and feel a certain fondness for my old self and how innocent she really was. I’m jealous that her whole diet was french fries and bean and cheese burritos and she never gained a pound. She went to bed at 4am and woke up at noon…REFRESHED. She’s not who I am now, but she’s still a very real part of me.

I share this with you all so that you might take a second to look at how far you’ve come, how cool you were then, and how much better you are now 😉


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