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5 Ways to Overcome Insecurity

This week I've been thinking about insecurity, AKA: the act of being too hard on yourself, and how we can work on overcoming doubtful thoughts about ourselves and where we are in our lives. First of all, let's accept that it's gonna creep up on us from time to time. We all get insecure and, ya know, maybe a… Continue reading 5 Ways to Overcome Insecurity

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What If We Focused on the Big Picture?

We're small. We're incredible. But...ridiculously small. Don't you forget it. It's vital that we keep this notion at the edge of our awareness because it instills us with a powerful sense of humility. Through humility, we can begin to more deeply and consciously appreciate the little things. What better way to exist than to live deeply in… Continue reading What If We Focused on the Big Picture?