Is the Furbo Dog Camera Worth It?

Is the Furbo Dog Camera Worth It?


I’ve had this dog cam for about a year now.

If you’re obsessed with your dog/dogs like I am, the Furbo Dog Camera might be one of the greatest purchases you could make for yourself. Sounds dramatic, but if there’s anything I’m dramatic about, it’s knowing that my dog is alright when I can’t be there with him.

I started looking into dog cameras when my sweet child, Chongo, had to live his life as an only child for the first time. His separation anxiety kicked in hardcore and I wanted to know how he was doing while I was at work. The answer: he was struggling. This cam helps me keep an eye on him, toss him a treat, and say “hello” whenever the world forces us to be apart.


Furbo Dog Camera

An absolute breeze. It’ll have you create a quick account using your email, hook it up to your home WiFi, create a mini profile for your dog, and you’re off to the races. The whole cam is run directly from the Furbo app so, yes, you’ll need a smartphone. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you have one of those.

Furbo Dog Camera

Your Furbo has to be plugged into a wall (no charging, no buttons to press on the unit itself) and you’ll want some nice, stable WiFi so that your internet and Furbo develop a deep connection. After that, you’ll open the app and be able to hit the live feed to see what’s happening in your home anytime you like.

The app gives you easy access to every Furbo control: pic taking, recording live video, treat tossing, two-way audio, adjusting your settings, etc.

It has an ON/OFF toggle in the settings with a friendly reminder that it stops recording video and audio when it’s off…but, honestly, I just yank the cord out when I get home and face the thing to the wall because I have trust issues with people and inanimate objects alike.

To turn it on, I just plug it back in and it automatically re-connects to my phone. If the Furbo is properly connected, the LED light on the front of it will be yellow. If you’re getting another color, you know to check your connections before you leave.


Tap a button on the app and Furbo shoots out goodies. It’ll make a cute, default sound to alert your pup that a treat is on its way or you can record a custom one of your choosing. Pretty dope.

Train-Me! Dog TreatsApparently, you can also set up a treat tossing schedule with Amazon’s Alexa now. Get in there if Alexa is your thing, but I’m still mildly terrified of her.

What treats should you buy? The app suggests some good ones, but any little bits tend to do nicely. I buy these Crazy Dog treats for my guy. Made in the U.S.A. Grain free. Other stuff that the bag says. Life Hack: If I run out of these, I tear his Trader Joe’s Chicken or Beef Jerky Treats into bite size pieces.


Furbo - Smart Dog Alerts

Two words: Bark Alert. It’s one of the main reasons I went with this particular camera. Any time my pup gets vocally rowdy, I get a notification on my iPhone and know to check in on what’s happening and attempt to interrupt the bark sesh.

Check the pic to see the other Smart Dog Alert features. All of these can be turned on and off at your discretion. I’ll tell ya, nothing is more unsettling than getting a Person Detection notification when you’re not at home and you live alone. It happened to me and it was much appreciated.


Clean. It’s full 1080p HD, has a wide-angle lens, and night vision. The cam isn’t movable, but it does allow for you to zoom in up to 4x. My dog is tiny. Sometimes, I gotta really get in there to find him. Place it at a good vantage point and you’re good to go. It also lets you take pics and record video from the app that gets saved automatically to your phone. So, when Bartholomew poops on the carpet while you’re at work and tries to act like it wasn’t him? Bam. You show him the video. Busted. He gets less treats and a stern look. JK. You know he’s still gettin’ all the treats.


Clear. 2-way audio, friends. Get ready to talk to your dog and have him be mildly confused by your disembodied voice. Not only can I talk to the little guy, I can also hear the TV that I left on to keep him company. Most often it’s Joe Rogan’s podcast on YouTube because I want him to be educated.

You can easily turn this function on and off, so feel free to either sneaky-sneak on your pup or activate it and say “Hey, Buddy. You holdin’ down the fort? I know you are. Look at you…all cute. Mommy will be home soon.” Or whatever it is normal people say.

Keep in mind that while your mic audio is enabled, you won’t be able to hear the audio from your Furbo. A mild bummer, but also hasn’t proved to be any sort of issue for me. Turn your mic off and the audio from your Furbo pops back in immediately. Think of it like a walkie-talkie. Over.


Furbo Dog Camera

Every now and again, you might have a temporary connection issue. It can happen when they do an update or when signals get funky. First world problems. The good news: all you usually have to do is shut down the app and restart it for the connection to pop back up.

Take note: this little connector here can easily be tugged out so you’ll want to make sure that the cord isn’t accessible for your little bud to yank on. My Chong has unplugged his cam before, sending his mother into a spiral of despair. Keep your cord out of reach or deal with accidental unplug anxiety.


You will get addicted to checking in on your dog several to many times a day and you’ll definitely toss him/her more treats than you intended. These are not actually cons.


You can check in on your best friend to make sure they’re doing alright no matter how near or far away from home you are. The peace of mind is invaluable.


I’d say so.

And for the price it’s listed at right now, I wanted to make sure to share it with you guys. You’re getting it way cheaper than I did a year ago, so take advantage of the deal if you think you’d benefit from being able to check in on your pup when you’re not home.

Prime it up with Amazon and use this link, or any of the others on this page, to snag your very own Furbo. This is an Amazon Affiliate Sponsored Site and using my link does support me, so if this review was helpful, feel free to purchase through here.

Thanks, ya’ll 🙂


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