Is a Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker Worth It?

Is a Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker Worth It?

EliteCuisine - Hard Boiled Egg MakerLet’s be honest: how hard is it to make a hard-boiled egg? It’s legit just boiling water. My culinary skills aren’t top notch, but I believe in myself enough to know I can always make that happen.

Yet, I picked up this adorable Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic Egg Cooker because my Uber driver told me it changed her life. And if you can’t trust your Uber driver, who can you trust?


Why you’d benefit from an egg cooker in your life:

  1. It makes 7 eggs at a time. If you eat a lot of hardboiled eggs (I eat three a day most days), this thing is gonna get used and it’s gonna make a bunch for you at a time. Or perhaps you live with other people who enjoy eggs. Even better.
  2. They cook faster. I like a solid hard boil and this thing gets it done in around 10-12ish minutes. I’ve been known to cook an egg for an ungodly amount of time just to make sure it’s done. I’ve also been known to forget that they’re on the stove and let all the water boil down to non-existence. That’s a personal problem…but still.
  3. They taste better. You pierce the top of the egg (the measuring cup comes with a piercing pin) and it lets the sulfur out as the egg cooks. Not kidding. There’s a distinct and noticeable taste difference and doing it this way is delish. Piercing it also keeps the egg from cracking during its cook sesh.
  4. Consistency. It’s gonna be a perfect egg every time without you having toElite Cuisine - Egg Cooker think about timing and such. Step your efficiency game up.
  5. It’s cheap. It comes in several colors and those will affect the exact amount you pay, but they’re all under $20. The teal one I chose is only $15.99 and, if you’re a real stand out individual, you can even snag a lime green one for $14.99.


You’re gonna get a little measuring cup that comes with your egg cooker. It tells you how much water to pour into the tray depending on how many eggs you’re cooking and how soft or hard you prefer them. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.

Elite Cuisine - Egg Cooker

Rinse your egg off because that’s classy.

Use the built-in piercing pin that’s on the measuring cup to make a tiny hole at the wider end of the egg. Rinse the pin off because you enjoy cleanliness.

Press the one and only button that is on the machine.

Go live your life while your eggs cook.


It also comes with an omelette tray and a poaching tray for the days when you’re looking for more than just a hard boil.


The buzzer that goes off when your eggs are done will scare the daylights out of you the first time you hear it. So, let’s get that out of the way right now:

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