Hi, I’m Courtney Diamond.

(Yes, that’s my real name) 😉

I’m a podcaster and writer who thrives on learning about others through genuine conversation. It’s incredible what we can manage in our love and social lives with a better understanding of how to communicate.

My podcast, “We’re All Human”, has become a fun place for you to eavesdrop on some honesty and get to know a stranger through the telling of their life experiences, occasional setbacks, and (of course) romantic struggles. Whether my guest is a comedian, a best friend, a Navy Seal, or anything in between; the conversation is gonna get real and I promise you won’t feel like a stranger by the end.

My blog has simultaneously been a vulnerable and creative outlet for me and, to be perfectly honest, just an incredible way to nerd out on things that I love. Take a look and see what tickles your fancy.

My Twitch channel might be the place for you to visit if you share my love for gaming. Let’s go on some adventures together. We might save a princess one day and complete a sniper challenge the next. Who knows? I’ll see you for the next livestream.

Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to know a little bit about how I can help you out.

  • Would you like to start your own podcast, but you just have no idea where to begin?
  • Can I write something for you that will be entertaining and move people to engage?
  • Wanna hop on a video chat with me and get some personalized advice about what the women you’re dating (or are trying to date) are really thinking and how to communicate with them better?

Let’s talk.

Enjoy exploring the site and feel free to contact me anytime.