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Listen in as we talk about life, relationships, creativity, insecurities, struggles, and what it takes to get our minds right. Everyone has a story to tell and when we take the time to sit down and get to know each other, we quickly realize one thing: we’re all human.

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Podcast Guest Appearances

° Waves Podcast: What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Released: November 19, 2018

Episode Description: Really. What’s the worst that could happen? In this episode, writer, host of We’re All Human and Twitch streamer Courtney Diamond reminds us that we need to try to do what we want and realize that the risks aren’t that high. People might mock you? So what? You can’t let your fear dictate your future… Success has nothing to do with luck either… It just depends on you. An amazing episode of Waves Podcast, in a funny & “chill” mood, dealing with important self-development, and self-help topics.

° Life’s a Binge Ep. 159 

Released: August 13, 2018

Episode Description: This week we chat with friend of the show and fellow podcaster, Courtney Diamond! She is an amazing person and is full of knowledge and fun things to say about TV, Movies, and Video Games. We dive more into BJ’s list of films and talk about a couple of hers. Matty reviews “The Meg” this week as well. Enjoy!

° Life Moves Pretty Fast Ep. 31

Released: October 17, 2016


Episode Description: The beautiful Courtney Broussard is back again (past guest on Ep 4) to promote her blog www.courtneydiamond.com. We chat about what inspires her to write, how she handled online dating and we just get pretty damn silly before the recording cuts out halfway through.

° Life’s A Binge Ep. 60

Released: July 25, 2016

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Episode description: It’s back! Life’s A Binge talking Comic-Con again. SDCC2016 to be specific. We have the ever so lovely, Courtney Broussard, as our guest. She is a Comic-Con expert, both behind and in front of the scenes, as well as being on the floor.

° Life Moves Pretty Fast Ep. 4 

Released: January 21, 2016


Episode description: Our first female guest joins us on LMPF….tune in to listen to the beautiful Courtney Broussard as she chats with the boys about proper etiquette when talking to a lady at the bar, why she trusts herself drinking whiskey, and how Mario Cart can ruin friendships!

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