“I’m the best cuddler. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things.” Newsflash, guys: Most of you say some version of this. You’ve all collectively decided that this is a must-say to women because you think we love it and it’s gonna score you so many points. Nope. Not really. We hear it too often and […]

Comic Con 2016, everyone. DAMN. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to this event since I was a young teen, work there for years, and watch this event get crazier and crazier as time goes on. For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to experience one, I can tell you that it’s mayhem. It’s a ton of […]

Throwback Thursday. So many of us take part in this popular hashtag so we can post memories of ourselves from the past and reminisce on the good times. I, for one, love it. Yesterday, Facebook reminded me that I graduated from college 8 years ago. Mind blown. Today, I’m randomly going through some old pics […]

Shuffling through my iTunes got me on such an early 90’s kick. I’m talking about that 1990-1995 time period. The part of the 90’s that was still hanging on to the 80’s for dear life. The time of the 3 F’s. Fresh Prince, Family Matters, and Full House. The time of huge jackets and tiny […]