Words are powerful. They can uplift. They can destroy. They can encourage. They can be wasted. There are things that I fear saying aloud or writing down because it would make them too real. Fixed into existence. Tangible. I use them with care because I understand how much weight they can carry. A throw-away, forgettable […]

12:48am   A successful day lies behind. Sleep is within reach. I am still. Suddenly…   DOUBT.   It hits me like a wave. This feeling. Out of nowhere and uninvited. It always arrives this way. An unwelcome visitor. I speak of it this way because it never seems to come from me. It shows […]

It’s easy to get into the habit of making excuses for why we’re not doing something. It’s the path well-traveled. Sometimes we travel it so well that we turn it into something more like a ditch that we have a hard time climbing our way out of. I’ve been there. Now, while I was stuck there […]

First off, I hope that the body you want is the body you have. But, maybe it’s not. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve probably developed the concept of what an ideal body is to you. Naturally, the media and the people around us may influence what our perception of “ideal” is. The way that […]

‘Everything happens for a reason’ is a phrase we hear thrown around all the time. Some people dismiss it as a cop-out and some people whole-heartedly believe in it. I’m one of those whole-hearted people. I choose to believe that everything happens for a reason because it’s rooted in hope and curiosity. Not disappointment and […]