Words are powerful. They can uplift. They can destroy. They can encourage. They can be wasted. There are things that I fear saying aloud or writing down because it would make them too real. Fixed into existence. Tangible. I use them with care because I understand how much weight they can carry. A throw-away, forgettable […]

I’d love to call this “15 Ways to Never Feel Stress Ever”, but somehow that feels unrealistic. Stress is sneaky. Sometimes we don’t realize how stressed we are until we either have a moment that gives us an unexpected reprieve or we hit a stress peak that slaps us across the face. Though we might not […]

Since I started writing again, people keep asking me WHY I’m writing. Coming from most people, the question stems from a place of genuine curiosity. With others, the subtext seems to be: “What’s the point?”   I’m writing because it’s my outlet and I finally feel compelled to do so. Seems simple enough, right? But, it’s been a process. Writing […]