Interested in working with me?

♦ Podcast Consultation

Want to get your own podcast going, but not sure where to start? I can help you with that from the first decisions you’ll want to make all the way through the technical execution. Even better, I can share with you ways to make your podcast sound professional on-the-go and help answer all those little questions that’ll pop up in-between.

♦ Podcast Editing

Just want someone to handle the technical production of your podcast so that you can record and relax? Send me your audio file and I will: adjust levels, edit out long pauses or unnecessary content, add music, even trim out all the extra “um’s” and crutch words. Whatever you need. Pay per episode.

♦ Writing/Copy Editing

Need help with anything that involves words on a page? I write and edit everything from screenplays to blog posts. Let me know what kind of writing project you have in mind and let’s make it happen.

♦ Podcast Guest

Would you like to have me on your podcast or would you like to be a guest on “We’re All Human”? Let’s talk.