The Podcast is Live on iTunes!

CD Podcast Cover Art

After all this time, it’s finally up and running! My new podcast, “We’re All Human with Courtney Diamond” is available for streaming and download on iTunes. If you like the content of the blog, then you’ll enjoy listening in as I talk to guests about life, relationships, creativity, struggles, insecurities, and what it takes to get our minds right in the midst of everything.

I’ve posted not just one podcast to get us started, but THREE.

I had the chance to sit down with Billy Galewood (@billygalewood) and Alex Hallett (@thisisbodi, @sattvaphoto) and listen to them share a piece of their amazing stories. They’re both awesome human beings and they have valuable things to share about doing this whole life thing we’ve got ourselves into.

Episode 2 is a solo podcast where you listen to me answer some of the questions that have been sent my way over the last several months while laying down on my couch at 2am. Classic me.

This podcast has been a long time coming and I’m excited to be getting it started, to see how it evolves, to learn as I go, and to see where it takes us.

Take a listen if and when you get the chance and, if you’re feeling particularly generous today: subscribe to it on iTunes and leave a nice rating.

Thanks in advance for your support, everyone. Hope you enjoy!

Listen on iTunes

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