How to Be a Guilt-Free Gamer

I love video games.

I’ve been hooked ever since my parents bought me a Super Nintendo and a cartridge full of Donkey Kong Country back when I was five.

The only problem?

Now, I’m an adult with responsibilities who should probably work out and stuff.

It’s not hard to sit down for a quick game sesh and suddenly realize that hours have been lost, you’ve taken down a whole bag of Doritos, there’s still a pile of dishes in the sink, and you’re gonna have to wear bathing suit bottoms to work tomorrow because you didn’t do your laundry.

It happens.

But, let’s keep that happening to a minimum like the grown adults that we are. *Ignore that statement if you’re 12. Enjoy your games, kid. Live your life.

Here are a few easy ways to feel better about your obsessive gaming habit:

  • Physical Fitness First

That’s right. Get the physical work in before you start trekking through apocalyptic wastelands and rescuing princesses. This is why I need VR to advance ASAP. Once we all have rooms in our homes dedicated to the virtual reality world, I can shoot aliens in a “real” way without leaving my living room (as though, I could find them if I left my living room. Elusive little things, those aliens).

BTW, there’s nothing quite like getting a solid workout in, showering up, putting on your luxurious robe, and settling into your fav game of the moment. Simple pleasures, ya’ll.

  • Get Yourself a Veggie Platter

Snacking is a necessity of long-term gameplay. You can say you won’t do it, but why would you lie to yourself like that? The key to guilt-free snacking is to not have access to chips and have too much access to quality roughage. No one ever gained weight because they accidentally ate too much celery. Remember that.

  • Get a Cardio Stepper

Not for the faint of heart. Literally. Step away as you play. Probably not the best idea when playing online shooters as the stepping motion might throw off that precision aim of yours. But, it works perfectly for story-based, RPG, or action/adventure gameplay. (Think Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy VII, or Fallout 4).

Here’s the one I have. I’m serious, you guys. I do this.

Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

  • Clean a Dish

Or clean something. The feeling of accomplishing something practical will increase the satisfaction of finally getting to settle in for that gaming marathon. Maybe light a little lavender candle or get the aromatherapy going. Good scents, less clutter, better focus, more headshots. It’s science.

  • Mix Up Your Solo Campaigns with Social Hangs

Yes, this means go outside and socialize with human beings in the flesh. That’s a given. But, it also means take a break to play online with your friends despite the fact that you live and breathe for the RPG you’re playing right now. Maybe hop on a party chat even if you’re solo campaigning different games. Chatting with a friend while you’re both on your own individual journeys? That’s just what life is.

Shout out to my current obsession: Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Gorgeous, heart-warming, and offers up so many types of gameplay my head is pleasantly reeling. I gladly hand over hours of my time to this beautiful experience.

The original will also blow your mind and you have to play it if you’re into leveling up and evolving creatures that you’ve developed bonds with. Like Pokemon…but not 🙂

 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Guilt reduction is all about making sure that you feel like you’ve earned that lounge and relax time. So, now that you’ve checked these boxes, you can enjoy gaming for what it is: a fun and satisfying dive into another world that boosts your imagination and hand-eye coordination.

Get in there.


If you’d like to hang out while I play games, head over to my Twitch channel and follow. I’m live Tues-Fri from 9pm-12am PST, unless I let you know otherwise. So, follow me on Twitter: @courtneydiamond to make sure you know if it’s otherwise 🙂

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