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Why Am I So Awkward?

Ever asked yourself that? Ever had a day where every social interaction you have just doesn't land right? Maybe you're having more than a few days like that. I don't know your life. What I do know is that I've been hyper aware of how often I'm choosing to avoid people these days. If I… Continue reading Why Am I So Awkward?

Musings · Self Love

What If We Focused on the Big Picture?

We're small. We're incredible. But...ridiculously small. Don't you forget it. It's vital that we keep this notion at the edge of our awareness because it instills us with a powerful sense of humility. Through humility, we can begin to more deeply and consciously appreciate the little things. What better way to exist than to live deeply in… Continue reading What If We Focused on the Big Picture?

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Why You Don’t Need a Perfect Body

I'm becoming de-sensitized to six packs. Yeah, I said it. I see the abs. They're there. I see them as an accomplishment and they're great, but they're just not what they used to be. Granted, I live in a city that glorifies an ideal body and I'm on the Instagrams flicking through seemingly endless pictures of intensely fit… Continue reading Why You Don’t Need a Perfect Body

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Why I Started Writing…Again

Since I started writing again, people keep asking me WHY I'm writing. Coming from most people, the question stems from a place of genuine curiosity. With others, the subtext seems to be: "What's the point?" I'm writing because it's my outlet and I finally feel compelled to do so.Seems simple enough, right? But, it's been a process.Writing has always been a… Continue reading Why I Started Writing…Again

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Why I Don’t Want to Be a Perfectionist Anymore

I'm a perfectionist. When I was younger, I used to think this was something to be proud of. Pretty sure I was a little jerk and would even brag about it. As a slightly wiser (hopefully) and slightly older (definitely) me, I've come to associate being a perfectionist with limitation, stress, and the stem of negative self-talk. Here's why: Perfection… Continue reading Why I Don’t Want to Be a Perfectionist Anymore