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Why I Quit My Job

I quit my full-time job to be a full-time me. I'm not the first person to do that and I certainly won't be the last but, when you make these kinds of choices, people tend to have questions. Questions: "You mean you don't have another full-time job lined up right now?" "Aren't you terrified?" Answers:… Continue reading Why I Quit My Job

Self Love

What I Learned From a Month of Meditation

Meditation ain't just for buddhist monks anymore. It's hit the mainstream harder than ever through celeb endorsement, mindfulness apps, and brain sensing headbands. But, plenty of people still think it's a waste of time or choose to avoid it because they assume it has to come packaged with religious undertones. Nope. It's more than that.… Continue reading What I Learned From a Month of Meditation

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How to Create Better Habits with Less Thought

Indecisiveness creates room for excuses. Eating better. Working out. Tidying up the home space. Crossing things off that To-Do list. I’ll tell you one thing: If I’m flip-flopping on the decision of what to do, you better believe there’s a better chance I’ll make the lazy/unhealthy/tasty one. It’s the path of least resistance. The pleasure… Continue reading How to Create Better Habits with Less Thought

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What If We Focused on the Big Picture?

We're small. We're incredible. But...ridiculously small. Don't you forget it. It's vital that we keep this notion at the edge of our awareness because it instills us with a powerful sense of humility. Through humility, we can begin to more deeply and consciously appreciate the little things. What better way to exist than to live deeply in… Continue reading What If We Focused on the Big Picture?

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Why You Don’t Need a Perfect Body

I'm becoming de-sensitized to six packs. Yeah, I said it. I see the abs. They're there. I see them as an accomplishment and they're great, but they're just not what they used to be. Granted, I live in a city that glorifies an ideal body and I'm on the Instagrams flicking through seemingly endless pictures of intensely fit… Continue reading Why You Don’t Need a Perfect Body

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Why I Started Writing…Again

Since I started writing again, people keep asking me WHY I'm writing. Coming from most people, the question stems from a place of genuine curiosity. With others, the subtext seems to be: "What's the point?" I'm writing because it's my outlet and I finally feel compelled to do so.Seems simple enough, right? But, it's been a process.Writing has always been a… Continue reading Why I Started Writing…Again