Some People Can’t Give You What You Need

Reflect for a moment on how truly pointless it is to consistently return to a person that has proven time and again that they do not have, are not willing, or are not capable of giving you what you need.

You’re looking for the definition of a word, but you’re asking a calculator.

You went to Home Depot when you were looking for groceries.

You’re wondering why this VCR won’t play your Blu-Ray disc.

You’re shoving fistfuls of sand in your mouth, trying to quench your thirst.

This goes for parents, friends, and partners alike. The concept is always the same.

Not everyone is for everything.

Not everyone has the capacity to give you what you want from them.

Not everyone wants to give you what you’re asking of them.

We all have roles we are well-suited for and roles that we were not meant to hold.

Stop trying to force one person to do what they are incapable of doing and start looking for the person who either innately has that ability or is readily able and willing to learn it.

Take it one step further and become aware of what you are currently, or even permanently, unable to provide and what you have in abundance to give.

Keep your eyes open for your compatible counterparts.

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