How to Love Spending a Night with Yourself

Sometimes we all get a case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and we find ourselves in a pattern of going out on days that we’re exhausted, broke, or not even feeling the guest list. Sometimes we go out too much just to distract ourselves from thinking or because we just feel like we ‘should’. Our reward? Lower bank accounts, a few more hangovers than we’d prefer, some shallow convo with a wasted bro. Not always the best use of a night.

Some people aren’t good at being by themselves and you know what? That sucks. No matter what happens in your life, there’s one person you’re always gonna be stuck with.


So you better love yourself and think you’re the most entertaining MOFO around.

Don’t get me wrong. Socialization and some wild nights here and there are just as important to a well-rounded existence. But, that’s always glamourized. We know that can be fun. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the magic of ‘me’ time.

The 3 components to loving a night with yourself:

Do something productive. Feeling like you have your shit together is an instant mood booster. This could be anything from doing the dishes (turnt style, with music bumpin’ in the background) to taking a few minutes to assess how the hell you’re doing in this whole ‘life’ thing. Do you have a goal you’re working towards? Do you have something to look forward to? Are you a person that everyone wants to be around because you’re a real human being that tries to surround themselves with positivity? Do you even still like that show on your DVR that you haven’t watched in a year and is taking up 35 hours of valuable space? Check in with yourself.

Do something that makes you feel attractive AF. This is your time for fitness and detailed grooming, ladies and gentlemen. Get your sweat on, hop in a hot shower, deep condition, keep your nails on point, and lotion up. Do whatever it is that makes you feel confident and helps you show your best self to the world. Tip: Coconut oil. Everywhere.

Do something that makes you happy and be truly present in that moment. Flex your creative muscle without judging the outcome, veg out in that lush robe and sip on a glass of red wine while you catch up on your favorite show, snuggle your dogs because they love you unconditionally, read that book you’ve been meaning to start and put on a little jazz in the background to enhance the mood. It’s up to you, but whatever you choose…revel in truly being in that place and time. Be apart of creating your own happiness.

Wanna make sure your night is next level? Keep these things on deck:

1. Candles. They ain’t just for romance anymore. Step up your ambience and fragrance game to kick the vibe up a notch.

2. A bottle of wine or other preferred alcoholic beverage. Whiskey or wine brings my night to life. If you don’t drink, improvise. Hook yourself up with something else tasty. Like a French vanilla hot chocolate or something of equal sexiness.

3. A robe. Silk, terry, flannel; pick whatever floats your boat and makes you feel like a baller.

4. Spotify playlist. Not sure I could exist on the planet without Spotify premium at this point. Set yourself up a playlist that’s so good it changes your whole perspective on life and then dance because no one’s watching.

5. A delicious meal/treat. Either go get those ingredients to cook up a dinner for yourself that’s really gonna hit the spot or pick up a meal/treat that you don’t get to have everyday. *Disclaimer: Don’t use your awesome night in as an excuse to binge eat. The food guilt will eat you alive faster than you ate those three stuffed crust pizzas.

6. Preferred entertainment. You like to read? Grab a book. You like to Netflix? Have Internet. You like to art? Get out that adult coloring book.

Next time you don’t have any plans and find yourself with some of that legit alone time, use these tips to really make that night feel worth it. You’re worth it.

One response to “How to Love Spending a Night with Yourself”

  1. A little bit of self-love and self-care will do wonders. I appreciate this! 👌

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