Owning Your Body Type

First off, I hope that the body you want is the body you have.

But, maybe it’s not.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve probably developed the concept of what an ideal body is to you. Naturally, the media and the people around us may influence what our perception of “ideal” is. The way that it “should” be. I hope you’re envisioning me saying this to you while doing an obnoxious amount of air-quoting.

Maybe you’re shorter than you wished, stockier than you want, more flat-chested than you would have preferred, your shoulders are broader than you’d like, your hips always make finding jeans difficult, or your calves make you shy in shorts.

Plenty of us wish we were skinnier, but let’s not forget that there are also people who are naturally super thin that WISH they could gain weight or put on muscle. It goes both ways.

*Ever heard of the 3 body types? Read a little bit more about them here and get an idea of which one your body leans towards.

All that being said, there’s something we all have to accept at some point:

We are born with a certain body type and shape. The faster we start owning it, the happier we’ll be.

When I refer to “type”, I’m not referring to your fitness level. I’m talking about the unique build that you were born with. Your height and structure. Your genetic foundation. The intricacies of physical detail that are YOU regardless of how many hours you spend at the gym.

Your goal should be to take the body you have and make it the healthiest that it can be for the sake of your well-being and your confidence.

Feed it real food , let it exercise and grow strong, give it a little sun, and spoil it with massages and whatever delicious smelling lotion that’s on sale at Bath & Body Works. Hell, splurge and get the pricey stuff. Life is short.

Take me, for example. I’m 5’2 with a body that prefers to put on muscle, a shorter waist, and legs that were built more athletic than dainty. My body can be trim and fit, but has never wanted to be rail skinny. If I was, it wasn’t a healthy time in my life. For me to look at Heidi Klum as an ideal would be ridiculous and self-defeating. I’m simply not built that way. No amount of dieting and fitness will make my body fit that particular mold. And, let’s face it, I’ll never be 5’9. High heels or not.

Does this make my body type, or yours, the “wrong” type? NOPE. It makes it a different kind and all kinds have their own pros and cons.

5 Tips to Increase Body Confidence

  1. Recognize your assets. Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge the good things that come with your body type. Maybe you have a great butt, strong arms, a trim waist, or legs for days. Whatever you have, appreciate and highlight it.
  2. Don’t wear what’s trendy, wear what enhances you. Find a brand of clothing that works well with your body type. Learn what cuts of jeans, necklines, and lengths show you off the right way.
  3. Give yourself a completely achievable and positive goal to work towards. If you want to reference another person’s physique as motivation: pick a person that’s built like you.
  4. Get your fitness on. Find 30 minutes in your day to work on bringing your shape to its fullest potential.
  5. Don’t spend time comparing yourself. Do you. You do it better than anyone else.

Always remember that those people you see in a magazine or out on the street that you consider to be flawless and gorgeous have something about themselves that they’re not crazy about or wish they could change. Why do you think plastic surgery is such a thriving industry even among the already beautiful?

Straight, pear, hourglass, endomorph, or ectomorph…take that framework you came with and make it work for you. Own it. Enhance it. Love it.

One day, your 85-year-old self is gonna look back at pictures of you now and wonder what the hell you were so worried about.

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