How to Stop Making Excuses

It’s easy to get into the habit of making excuses for why we’re not doing something. It’s the path well-traveled. Sometimes we travel it so well that we turn it into something more like a ditch that we have a hard time climbing our way out of. I’ve been there. Now, while I was stuck there in that rut, holding on to a big bag of excuses, I had a thought: Maybe if I drop this bag, I’ll free up my hands to get out of this hole I dug myself. Imagine that.

At some point, you have to say to yourself:

What’s the point in making excuses when I’m only slowing down my own progress? 

We’re only hurting ourselves when we constantly balk at the chance to get something done. Take note of when you finding yourself saying that you “can’t” do something, that there’s “no time”, that you’ll “start on Monday”. These thoughts should have you seeing red flags. Whether it’s working out, cleaning your house, applying for that job, researching that business you want to start, learning that instrument, saving for that dream trip…it doesn’t matter.

Don’t let insecurities, procrastination, or worries keep you from doing what you want or need to do. Get it done and bask in the completion.

Using Lists to Stop Making Excuses

Seems super meticulous, but sometimes we have to create new habits to banish the old ones.

Make a list of the things you want. Give yourself a tangible reference of your goals. Put them in order of importance. This is how you keep your priorities straight.

Make a list of your common excuses. As soon as that excuse starts to pop into your head, you can recognize it for what it is. Your sworn enemy. Shut it down.

Try not to put yourself in a situation that will lead to an excuse. If I know I’m planning to workout in the morning, maybe I’m not taking 8 shots the night before. Let’s cap it off at two mules. Max 3 with light pours.

FullSizeRender (4) copy 4

Have a plan for your day. I keep a list in my phone called “GET IT DONE”. Yes, it’s in all caps because I’ve gotta be stern with myself from time to time. If there’s any thing I need to get done that day or in the next few days, it goes on the list and I treat them like they’re set in stone. Make sure this list is just for achievable short-term tasks. Accomplishing those items will keep your days productive and give you an awesome sense of satisfaction. Finish everything on your list for the day? Celebrations. Pour a drink and play a video game. Treat yo self.

It’s wild how quickly we can become aimless and idle. Whether it’s our daily tasks or long-term goals, we have to keep an eye on where we’re going and keep moving forward. 

If all else fails, find a shirt that reminds you of your mission every time you look in the mirror 😉


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