What If We Focused on the Big Picture?

We’re small.

We’re incredible.

But…ridiculously small. Don’t you forget it.

It’s vital that we keep this notion at the edge of our awareness because it instills us with a powerful sense of humility.

Through humility, we can begin to more deeply and consciously appreciate the little things.

What better way to exist than to live deeply in the small moments? These small moments rooted in nature, genuine presence, personal growth, and human connection are the gateway to seeing the big picture. The things that are actually important.

It’s a personal goal of mine to try and surround myself with people that practice gratitude towards things that so often go overlooked. Not “perfect” people that are unfailingly positive, but the people that have the presence of self to appreciate a beautiful moment because they’ve taken the time to acknowledge and sift through their lows. Appreciation develops because you have drawn awareness to the difference between the two states.

If we’re not careful, we can gravitate more and more towards the minor inconveniences of our days than we do to the possibility that each day presents to us. We all know the person that spills their coffee in the morning and now the whole day is ruined. Or the person that internalizes that snarky comment from some other person having a bad day and lets it affect them for hours. We all know this person because we’ve probably all been this person at one point or another.

But, if we choose to look at the big picture, so much becomes irrelevant and the few important things become shockingly obvious.

Obvious in a way that’ll make you mildly irritated that you wasted so much time on the other nonsense.

What would happen if we stepped outside the box more often?

Did you build your box or did you let other people place you in one?

I’ve got a feeling we weren’t meant to live in “a box”, our perspective narrowed to four corners.

A stronger sense of self can only be gained by having a working knowledge of other thought paradigms. Learning what doesn’t work for you is as important as owning what does. Expand your view by finding people who think differently than yourself.

Promote curiosity, not animosity.

What would happen if we judged each other less? If we took the time to understand the perspective of another and acknowledged differences as something to pique our curiosity rather than something to be critiqued? What if we empathized with others as we wished others would with us in our less ideal moments?

When we think big picture, we learn to let the minor inconveniences slide and save our valuable energy on the things that stand to make an actual difference.

Bear with me here…

Think of your ideal mind as a giant spaghetti strainer…

Now, consider that all events in your day can fall into one of two categories:

Things That Matter and Things That Don’t Matter

Simple, right?

When the Ego bristles, Anger swells , Fear looms, or Insecurity takes a seat on your shoulder…take a careful look at whether they should play a part in your big picture.

Let hurtful words, jokes, and unwarranted criticism slide off of you like water off a duck’s back because that’s not going to help you get where you need to go.

Don’t let other peoples pre-conceived notions of you hold any weight. You can begin to re-define yourself at any given moment through the power of your own words and actions.

The “Things That Matter” are related to your happiness and contribution. Is there really time for the rest?

What if we devoted time to protecting our self-worth valiantly from the uncontrollable outside forces around us? Not self-worth based out of the ego, but a self-worth that means you care about yourself, what you are, and what you will become.

What if we refused to let the tide of life’s momentum take us on an un-checked ride from year to year? We could end up anywhere. Why not end up where we want to be?

What if we traveled more? What if traveling wasn’t a luxury but, instead, a necessity? Not necessarily incredibly expensive trips for weeks on end to exotic places…but even to other cities in our country or places that are only a few hours away. Wouldn’t that have to remind us that the world is out there and brimming full of new opportunities?

What if we accepted that even when we don’t receive a particular outcome we want, we still have the ability to pivot our strategy towards the big picture?

To be deterred is to allow ourselves to make excuses. Focusing on these tiny, insignificant details is a great way to distract and self-sabotage our forward movement.

Finding yourself focusing on irrelevant details is a huge indicator that, in actuality, you’re feeling useless. 

We humans hate that on a conscious and subconscious level. We are constantly searching for a way to feel useful. To feel like we contribute and have purpose. To be needed.

Only when we focus on our big picture can we truly begin to contribute to others around us. Through working on ourselves, we become aware of our gifts, have the confidence to bring them into action, and realize our potential to be useful to others while also finding satisfaction at the end of the day. You are useful when you do what you were meant to do and self-worth is a cornerstone in this process.

Life is unexpected and fascinating. You’ve seen that first hand. There’s a lot of synchronicity happening that’s impossible to ignore. Try your best to wake up everyday with a sense of anticipation that either something unexpected is around the corner or that you can create it through your own volition. Attempt to replace fear of the unknown with a sense of great excitement.

I know this for sure:

If you take one step towards your big picture, the Universe will recognize your effort and open up a path for you that you may never even have known to ask for.

Picture it like a cobblestone path being built one stone at a time in front of you.

Picture it like the road Michael Jackson is dancing down in the “Billie Jean” music video, one block lighting up each time you take a step forward.

Whatever works for you.

Doing one thing that matters a day is worth so much more than doing or worrying about 10 other things that will have no lasting impact.

Take a moment today and think about what your big picture looks like.


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3 responses to “What If We Focused on the Big Picture?”

  1. I love one of your questions, “Did you build your box or did you let other people place you in one?” Having that on my mind and reading your statement “Don’t let other peoples pre-conceived notions of you hold any weight. You can begin to re-define yourself at any given moment through the power of your own words and actions” really set in with me. I lead 80 personnel and they all have their own personalities. As they develop, the true inspired think outside the box (or now I’ll refer it to their box) but there are more that stay on the same track just because that’s how they’ve been labeled. My true force development is geared towards those that won’t grow. Hoping to work your thoughts from this blog into future professional developments to push them beyond their plateau. Thanks for the insight and apologies up front for stealing.

    1. So happy to hear that this post resonated with you! Thanks for sharing and I hope that mindset is beneficial to your team 😊

  2. […] Awkwardness is all about making things more difficult than they need to be. Laugh off the weird moments, stop worrying about what other people think of you, and realize how unimportant all these things are in the big picture. […]

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